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Masterplan Peščenica-Žitnjak

Peščenica-Žitnjak is a former working-class district that has undergone rapid urbanisation and, as a result, has a shortage of developed, urban infrastructure. The existing zoning plan envisaged the implementation of a mixed-use development with residential and commercial elements on the project site.

The overall site was broken down into ten plots with a range of functional mixes. In addition to the central requirement for residential and commercial provision, additional space was created for everyday consumer goods, kindergartens, schools, health and social facilities, senior citizens, small crafts-based and domestic services, cultural facilities, post offices and banks, sports and leisure, services, offices and restaurants.

On every plot, 90% of the parking spaces required by the provisions of the zoning plan were located below ground.


Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Volume: 90,000 m² Site Area | 151,000 m² GFA
Duration: 2014

Location Study and Market Analysis
Product Concept